The China Energy Storage Alliance (CNESA) is the first and only energy storage industry association in China. Founded in 2010, CNESA is a nonprofit member-based association with over 100 member organizations from China and abroad, from all across the energy storage value chain.

CNESA’s mission is to encourage government policymakers and grid operators to promote the healthy growth of renewable energy through the use of competitive and reliable energy storage systems. CNESA encourages government support for energy storage by promoting the development of new technologies, tracking the latest industry trends and bringing together industry players.

CNESA carries out research on the newest energy storage trends and technologies for the benefit of policymakers and member organizations. CNESA publishes an annual 200-page white paper exclusively for members, government officials and grid operators. CNESA also engages in customized market and policy research for member organizations.

Additionally, CNESA manages and finances demonstration projects to advocate for the benefits of energy storage in a variety of applications, including in microgrids, renewables integration, behind-the-meter storage, grid-side support, frequency regulation, and more.

CNESA is also a platform for partnerships for domestic and international organizations. CNESA holds an annual conference in Beijing, Energy Storage China, in partnership with Messe Dusseldorf Shanghai, to bring together top industry players, officials, and academics to discuss industry trends and form lasting partnerships.