We believe that energy storage is the key to China's transition to a cleaner, more resilient economy. 

As China's first energy storage industry association, we are proud to:

  • Produce quality research on the projects, players, and policies shaping the industry.
  • Promote business and government partnerships that strengthen the energy storage industry in China and abroad.
  • Manage demonstration projects to show policymakers how energy storage is the key to China's transitioning economy.

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Project Database

CNESA maintains the most complete database of energy storage projects in China. We also track global deployments of energy storage worldwide to keep our members updated on global technologies and trends.


Customized Reports

Our expert research team is available to produce customized reports on specific sectors and topics across the energy storage industry.

CNESA recently supported Energy Foundation China to produce their China 2050 High Renewable Penetration Scenario and Roadmap Study, which showed that it is both technically and economically feasible for renewable energy to satisfy 85 percent of China's electricity consumption by 2050.


White Paper

CNESA publishes an annual white paper detailing the latest trends in energy storage, with exclusive data and insights to keep you informed. 

See our 2017 white paper here.


China energy storage INTERNATIONAL conference & Expo 

CNESA hosts China's most authoritative energy storage conference and expo each year. The event is the year's best opportunity for Chinese and international partners to forge partnerships and learn about the latest trends in technology and industry. 

Over 2,000 attendees, 100 speakers, and 50 exhibitors attended this year's ESIE 2017. This year's topics included China’s Electricity Reforms and Energy Storage OpportunitiesSolar PV-plus-Storage, Electric Vehicles and Storage, and much more.

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Bi-monthly Industry Forum

CNESA members gain access to our bi-monthly industry forums held in Beijing. Attendees meet top policymakers and industry leaders responsible for shaping China's energy storage market to discuss the latest trends.

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Beijing Demand Response Platform

CNESA is currently implementing a demand response pilot program on behalf of the Beijing city government. In partnership with ENERBOS, an energy software service provider, CNESA is developing demand reduction packages to meet the needs of different consumers. We're showing how the right technologies and practices can improve grid strength and lower emissions, all while helping consumers save on their electric bills. 

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