White Papers 2011-Present

CNESA publishes an annual white paper detailing the latest trends in energy storage. Each report, prepared by the CNESA research team, provides exclusive data and insights to keep you informed about the energy storage industry in China and abroad. Here you can access a free PDF of our reports from 2011 to the present.


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2019 CNESA White Paper - NEW

2018 CNESA White Paper

2017 CNESA White Paper

2016 CNESA White Paper 

2015 CNESA White Paper

2014 CNESA White Paper

2013 CNESA White Paper

2012 CNESA White Paper

2011 CNESA White Paper


These reports have been provided free-of-charge as a summary version. For more detail and in-depth analysis, our full version is available for purchase in the original Chinese. For more information please consult our Chinese language website, or contact us.