Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Engineering Thermophysics Receives International Patents for Supercritical CAES

Supercritical CAES (compressed air energy storage) technology independently developed and wholly owned by CNESA vice-chair member Chinese Academy of Sciences - Institute of Engineering Thermophysics (CAS IET) recently received invention patents from the EU (37 countries) and the US. This follows Chinese and Japanese patents, and is a foundation for reaching global coverage in developed countries and international partnerships in energy storage, and will greatly advance the industrialization of this technology.

Since its establishment, the Energy Storage Research and Development Center’s scientific research IP protection efforts produced many patents. In the last four years, the center applied for 101 patents and has received 64 - including 19 design patents and 45 utility patents. The Center has built a core IP portfolio centered on compressed air energy storage technology, include advanced CAES, high pressure compressors, advanced cryo and heat storage technology, and high-load expanders. According to the National Science Library's 2014 statistics, the Center ranks 4th in the world in CAES patents (1st among research institutes), and 1st among Chinese research institutions by a wide margin. This represents a major milestone for the Energy Storage R&D Center.

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