CNESA Welcomes New Member, NR Electric!

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NR Electric is a leading solution provider for electric power generation, transmission, distribution and industrial customers worldwide. NR Electric is leading the world with its Smart Substation Solution, one of the world's largest protection and control products, and occupies an important position in power electronics applications and flexible HVDC. Built upon cutting-edge technologies, NR Electric serves power utilities and industrial enterprises with world-class products, all-around solutions, and superior services. NR Electric's innovative and proven solutions improve the safety, reliability, efficiency and environmental friendly of power systems.

In 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, 30 of 31 stadiums and arenas relied on NR Electric's solutions to ensure reliable electricity supply. In the 2010 Shanghai Expo, NR Electric’s solution was used to guarantee the power supply for the event. In addition, NR Electric's digital substation solution was on display to illustrate the key achievements of China's power industry technology.

NR Electric contributes to power system development worldwide, delivering solutions to over 60 countries and counting. In addition to equipment supply, NR Electric’s award-winning training program improves customers’ professional skills -- a fundamental component of successful power grid operation.

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