Welcoming Rayspower Energy Group

We're happy to welcome Rayspower to the China Energy Storage Alliance.

Rayspower is a leading Chinese energy project developer, with operations in solar PV/CSP system integration, manufacturing, and solar plant investment and operation. Rayspower has developed nearly 1000 megawatts of ground-based and distributed solar power generation.

As an enterprise with extensive experience in CSP, Rayspower built the first flexible CSP reflector production line in Asia, which manufactures a full range of top-tier trough mirrors.

Rayspower is a solar technology leader, having established China's first engineering laboratory on concentrating solar thermal power system technology. To date, Rayspower has patented more than 80 core technologies.

Rayspower is committed to its mission of building a clean future through solar energy. By leveraging leading technologies, developing innovative solar financing models, and establishing strong relationships with partners in China and abroad, Rayspower expects to become a powerful force in the global new energy industry.