Energy Storage Project Roundup

What exactly is happening in China? The world's highest elevation storage facility began operations, Chinese manufacturer GCL announced plans for a 500 MWh project, and what will be the world's largest Zn-Br flow battery components center was announced, to name a few. CNESA has prepared a roundup of some of China's latest energy storage projects that either came online or were announced this past month. 

Tibet Shuanghu County Renewable Energy Network (Now Operating)

Location: Shuanghu County, Tibet
Companies Involved: Owner: Power Construction Company of China – Northwest Engineering Storage providers: Corporation Clou Electronics Co., Sungrow Power
Key Specs: 13 MW solar PV station, 24 MWh battery storage system, 1.5 km of electricity lines and grid integration system.
Clou Electronics won 3 MW/10.08 MWh in tender for off-grid energy storage and container system (6 total containers) to provide frequency modulation and voltage control for the system. Sungrow Power will provide the entire 13 MW of PV inverters and header boxes, Samsung SDI-Sungrow will provide 7 MW of storage inverters and a 13.6 MWh Li-ion battery system.
Notes: The project, situated in Shuanghu County, Tibet, the world’s highest elevation administrative district, also represents the world’s highest elevation solar project. The project is part of an effort to power the region with a history of unstable electricity service, with residents relying largely on diesel generators and yak butter lamps, along with burning coal for heat during the cold winter months, resulting in negative health impacts on residents. The extreme elevation, high wind speeds, and adverse rain/snow conditions pose immense challenges for weatherizing the energy storage system equipment. Furthermore, the location only experiences an average 80 days per year without frost, thereby severely shortening the construction period.

Kehua Technology Large Scale Off-Grid PV Storage Project (Now Operating)

Location: An oil field in Uzbekistan
Companies Involved: Kehua Technology Co.
Key Specs: 1.2 MW distributed solar PV, 1 MWh lead acid colloid battery system
Design includes inverters, battery container boxes, power distribution equipment. Principal functions: electricity generation and distribution, with Kehua providing system controls.
Notes: System operations are divided into three modes:
1) Solar generation ≥ load requirements: solar PV cells will provide electricity and diesel generators will stop running. The off-grid inverters will convert the solar electricity for use in the oil field and will charge onsite storage batteries.
2) Solar generation < load requirements: [Stage 1]; solar cells and battery storage will provide electricity together. [Stage 2]; When battery charge is low, this will initiate diesel generators to begin providing the oil field with power, solar energy will be used instead for battery charging.
3) No solar generation and insufficient battery charge: diesel generators provide the oil field with electricity without charging batteries. This guarantees that the critical equipment in the oil field can safely and stably continue operations.

Foshan Industrial Park Energy Storage Station (Now Operating)

Location: Foshan Liyuan Stainless Steel Distribution Center, Foshan, Guangdong Province
Companies Involved: Investments from Green Energy Storage Research Institute (a subsidiary of GP Electric Power Group), construction and equipment by Clou Electronics Co.
Key Specs: 1 MW/2.8 MWh storage system used for decreasing peak and increasing off peak consumption
Notes: The Foshan project is one of the first projects completed in the initial round of GP Electric’s "10,000 Storage Stations” project, an investment initiative announced in June of 2016 to build 10,000 energy storage stations across China within the next five years. The project has strict operations standards with a rapid delivery schedule, allotting only 45 days for construction time (including manufacturing and delivery).

GCL Installs New Project and Ramps Up for a 500 MWh Li-ion Battery Product

Location: Zhongneng Silicon Industries Co., Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province
Companies Involved: GCL System Integration Technology Co.
Key Specs: 1.5 MW/12 MWh two-in-one lead-carbon battery/supercapacitor system to decrease company’s peak electricity usage
Notes: Combining supercapacitor discharge and charging speed with the high charge capacity of a lead-carbon battery gives increased benefit with relatively long usage life.
GCL's E-KwBe currently comes in multiple colors of 2.5 kWh and 5.6 kWh models.

GCL's E-KwBe currently comes in multiple colors of 2.5 kWh and 5.6 kWh models.

GCL has called itself the “One-stop solution for comprehensive energy integration.” With its E-KwBe Li-ion battery model is hailed by many as the biggest threat to Tesla’s PowerWall battery systems (and cheaper too), their motto might be more than just marketing puffery. The Chinese manufacturer recently reached an agreement with the Australian wholesaler One Stop Warehouse to distribute another 1,000 E-KwBe units in October. The first batch of 1,000 units was already successfully delivered to Brisbane in September. Currently E-KwBe comes in 2.5 kWh and 5.6 kWh models. New documents show the company is also in preparations for developing a 500 MWh battery storage project. GCL recently raised nearly US$500 million in capital, of which it will siphon US$14.5 million into the the 500 MWh project. Total project investment for the 500 MWh project is estimated to be US$26 million, and is expected to take a year to complete. 


China’s First Off-Grid Solar + Storage EV Fast Charging Station (Now Operating)

Location: Dongguan Yujia Industrial Park, Dongguan, Guangdong Province
Companies Involved: Designed by Beijing Juneng Photoelectric Technology Co.
Key Specs: Solar PV station will generate around 80 MWh daily, the storage station will have a capacity of 20 kW/100 kWh
Notes: High voltage DC electricity from the PV will charge the Li-ion battery storage system, and high voltage DC will also provide charge for electric vehicles. Taking the Beijing Automobile Works EV160 model electric car as an example, the car is equipped with a 24 kWh battery. Charging from 30% to 80% capacity requires 12 kWh. On a clear, sunny day, this charging station could charge 6-7 EV160 models, each car requiring 40 minutes charging time.

World’s Largest Production Center for Zn-Br Flow Battery Components Announced in Baoding 

Location: Baoding Zhongguancun Innovation Center, Baoding, Hebei Province
Companies Involved: ZBest Power Co.
Key Specs: Once operations begin, ZBest expects an annual production capacity of 200 MWh of crucial battery components such as membrane separators and electrode plates. The expected annual production capacity of storage systems is 50 MWh.
Notes: ZBest Power is also currently expanding solar PV electric vehicle charging stations in all major cities as well as along the national high way network.

Shuandeng Group Enters Frequency Modulation Market in England

Location: England
Companies Involved: China Shoto Group cooperating with an English partner
Key Specs: The planned storage system will be no lower than 80 MW in scale, providing frequency modulation services. The project will use Shoto’s proprietary high performance all-lead coil battery, which has fast charge and discharge speeds and performs well across a wide temperature range.
Notes: According to Shoto’s CEO, Liu Xiaolu, the company plans to continue its efforts to expand in overseas storage markets.

Sunwoda Distributed Storage Project Announced in Jiangsu

Location: South Ruihaisheng Cable Co., Huai’an, Jiangsu
Companies Involved: Huaian Electricity Supply Company with Sunwoda providing investments and maintaining operations
Jiangsu South Ruihuaisheng Cable Co. providing land and access
Key Specs: The planned 500 kW/10,000 kWh storage system expected to cut Ruihaisheng Company’s yearly electricity costs by US$70,000.
Notes: In Jiangsu Province, the latest figures now stand at 16.58 MWh of storage has been installed, 154.25 MWh currently under construction, and 715.17 MWh of storage plans under discussion.

Zhongtian Distributed Storage Project Demonstration 

Location: Hekou Town, Rudong County, Jiangsu
Companies Involved: Zhongtian Technology
Key Specs: The project aims to construct three-in-one distributed PV, storage, and charging stations in 20-60 homes in Hekou Town. Each home will be equipped with PV integration, smart user controls, and 2-5 kW in storage.
Notes: The project has already accumulated nearly US$6.5 million in investments, and explores applications for energy storage, emergency backup, frequency modulation and peak load shifting, as well as the operational and management requirements for a distributed energy generation/local consumption model. Ultimately the project hopes to achieve zero emissions, zero land use, and zero-distance transmission.