Take Part in the 2nd Energy Storage Innovation Competition


The International Energy Storage Innovation Competition, hosted by the China Energy Storage Alliance, is now open for registration.  The competition, now in its second year, provides a platform for evaluating leading energy storage technologies and applications, highlights examples of innovative models for members of the industry, and honors those who have made outstanding contributions to the field.  The competition is open to companies and organizations from around the world who are involved in energy storage solutions and technologies.


1.      Competition timeline: Dec 25, 2017 to March 31, 2018.

Register between Dec 25, 2017 and Feb 28, 2018 to be considered.

2.      Organizing bodies:

Guiding Organizations: China Association for Science and Technology, National Energy Administration

Host: China Energy Research Society

Organizer: China Energy Storage Alliance

3.      Competition Structure: The competition is open to applicants worldwide and is divided into three awards categories, “Technology Innovation,” “Applications Innovation,” and
Person of the Year”

4.      Registration Method: click the links below to download the official registration forms.  Email completed forms and required materials (as requested on registration forms) to esic@cnesa.org.  You can learn more about the Innovation Competition and ESIE 2018 at the official ESIE website here: http://www.esexpo.org/?lang=en.

Registration Forms:

Applications Nomination Form

Technology Nominations Form