A Look at China's Energy Storage Industrial Parks


As a carrier for innovation, incubation, investment management, production services, and product trading, Energy Storage Industrial Parks not only provide a creative industrial space for energy storage, they also bring together numerous related resources and convenient services, while fostering collaboration between companies that helps promote the energy storage industry.

China is currently expanding its energy storage industrial parks.  Many are familiar with how industrial parks have become a key driver for development in many regions across China.  The formation of large-scale energy storage industrial parks is another step forward for the commercialization of the energy storage industry.

Below, we take a look at some of the large-scale energy storage industrial parks under construction in China.  With luck, these parks will be able to take China’s energy storage industry to the next level.

Chengdu Jianzhou New City Energy Storage Industrial Park

Not long ago, the news of the Chengdu Jianzhou New City Energy Storage Industrial Park in Sichuan swept the energy storage circle.  The park is reported to include an Energy Storage Technology Research Institute, an energy storage module production line, a 100MW/400MWH large-scale energy storage demonstration station, a 110kV substation, and an energy storage station operations headquarters.  The first phase of the industrial park requires an initial investment of 13 billion RMB, covers nearly 200 acres, and includes a total of 14 intelligent automated standard production lines. The production lines have an annual capacity of 40GWh of modules per year at a value of 40 billion RMB.  The first phase of the project will also include the 100MW/400MWh large-scale energy storage demonstration station.  Phase two of the industrial park requires a 50 billion RMB investment, an addition of over 980 acres, and the addition of 60 new intelligent automated standard production lines.  Once both phases of the project are complete, module production capacity will increase to 200GWh per year.

The integration of research institute, production line, and energy storage station, large-scale investment, and the participation of many companies in the project promise a bright future for the energy storage industry in Chengdu.

Shanxi Datong Graphene + New Materials Energy Storage Industrial Park

Energy storage industrial parks have had good development prospects this year.  Besides the Chengdu project, earlier this year the city of Datong also announced the construction of an energy storage industrial park. It is reported that the construction area of the “graphene + new material” energy storage industrial park in Shanxi Datong New Energy Industrial City will reach 140,000 square meters, with a planned investment of 2.5 billion yuan.  Upon completion of the project, annual production revenue is estimated to be 10 billion RMB, generating taxes of 1.5 billion RMB and creating over 5000 jobs.  The large-scale size of the project, its capacity to create jobs, and an expected production value of tens of billions of dollars will all help drive regional economic growth and provide an avenue for commercialization of energy storage.

Fangchenggang Economic Development Zone Energy Storage Industrial Park

The Fangchenggang Energy Storage Industrial Park is one representative of the good momentum that energy storage industrial park development has had over the past few years.  It is estimated that the total investment of the Fangchenggang Energy Storage Industrial Park project is 12.2 billion yuan. Upon completion, the project will provide an annual output of 250,000 tons of high-purity vanadium, 2 million tons of electrolyte, 500,000 tons of sodium hydroxide, and 20GWh of vanadium flow battery production.  The project will allow Fangchenggang to bring its advanced energy storage materials, equipment, and technology from the Fangchenggang Economic Development Zone to the rest of the country and the world. The Energy Storage Industrial Park allows Fangchenggang to use energy storage as a window for promoting regional visibility.

Hunan Loudi Renewable Energy Electric Vehicle Battery and Energy Storage Industrial Park

The Hunan Loudi Renewable Energy Electric Vehicle Battery and Energy Storage Industrial Park is reported to have a total planned area of nearly 500 acres and will focus on the development of three core industry groups, including electronic ceramics, EV batteries, and energy storage power supplies.  The park will introduce and incubate companies and projects focused on the design and development of battery cathode materials, anode materials, battery membranes, battery management system (BMS), and other components.  The park will increase R&D and applications development of electric vehicle battery and energy storage batteries through support of companies and projects involved in charging stations, power equipment, EV parts, and complete EV production.

The Hunan Loudi Energy Storage Industrial Park offers an integrated industry chain of raw materials supply, production R&D, and sales, allowing for greater cooperation between upstream and downstream enterprises and thereby greater mutual benefit for participating companies.


The “Twelfth Five-Year Plans” of many regions called for launching and expansion of industrial parks.  Forecasts show that in the next five years, China will enter a peak period of industrial park construction, with a development scale in the trillions of RMB.

The current planning and implementation of energy storage industrial parks in China continues to improve, attracting the interest of many leading companies in energy storage and related industries.  The overall development of these industrial parks is bright, promising large investments, local employment opportunities, and utilization of the entire energy storage industry chain, elements which will help stimulate regional economies.  Though not currently widespread, we can expect to see greater development of energy storage industrial parks in the future, and they are likely to become a major driver for energy storage industry growth in the coming years.