Energy Storage Innovation Competition - Calling for Entries

International Competition for Innovation in Energy Storage

The China Energy Storage Conference and Expo was founded in 2012 with the support of the National Energy Administration and Zhongguancun Science Park. Now China’s most influential exhibition and conference covering the energy storage industry, China Energy Storage Conference and Expo serves as a platform to showcase the latest developments in storage solutions as well as promote policy changes and commercial applications of storage technology. In 2017, the International Competition for Innovation in Energy Storage was founded to recognize outstanding technologies, projects, and individuals for their contributions to the industry.


Entry Categories:

Prizes will be awarded to outstanding entries in the following categories:

Technology Prize:

To be awarded to the top 10 energy storage technologies/products. Nominations open to the general public for entries in the following categories:

  • Physical storage
  • Chemical storage
  • Other storage technologies (supercapacitors, fuel cells, etc.)
  • Battery systems (inverters, management systems, software, systems integrators)
  • Energy storage solutions

Applications Prize:

Will be awarded to the top 10 applications in energy storage projects. Nominations will be open to the general public for entries in the following categories:

  • Utility-scale, centralized, grid-connected applications (distribution/transmission-sited, ancillary services, etc.)
  • Distributed projects (industrial, off-grid island storage, etc.)
  • User-sited projects (residential systems, EV charging stations, military, data centers, etc.)

Leadership Prize:

Will be awarded to 5 outstanding individuals in the energy storage industry. Nominations will be open to the general public

Lifetime Contribution Prize:

Will be awarded to 1 individual who over his or her lifetime has made outstanding contributions to the progress and development of the energy storage industry. Nominations will be made by the expert’s committee, voting open to the general public.

Innovation Grand Prize:

Will be awarded to 1 entry from the Technology and Applications categories, as selected by the Evaluation Committee.


Winner Benefits

Innovation Grand Prize: The Innovation Grand Prize winner will receive an award of CNY 10,000

Promotion and Exposure. Winners will be given several opportunities to increase their exposure. At the 2017 International Energy Storage Conference and Expo conference, winners will be featured in the exhibit hall, connecting them to over 4,000 energy storage professionals from around the world. Select winners will also be invited for speech opportunities at the awards ceremony. Outside of the conference, winners will also have promotion opportunities through conference media partners, who will feature winning entries, as well as through official releases on CNESA media channels, including the conference website, WeChat, Twitter, etc.

Financial Support. Winners will have the opportunity to schedule one-on-one consulting services with Northern Light Venture Capital, Kaiwu Investments, Tus Holdings, Tsing Capital, DGJ, IDG Capital, and Sequoia Capital.

Project Recommendation. Winning projects will be directly forwarded to related government agencies to assist in gathering government-backed support. Winning projects will also be nominated for the China Energy Research Society’s “China Energy Innovation Prize.”

CNESA Membership Services. Winners will receive a free year of membership in CNESA, a copy of the complete edition of the 2016 white paper, and CNESA project evaluation services.


How to Nominate:

The nomination form and submission instructions can be accessed on the official competition website


Competition Timeline:

January 6, 2017 – March 10, 2017: nomination period opens. Nominations for the Technology, Applications, and Leadership Prizes can be submitted on the official conference website

March 11, 2017 – April 30, 2017: Voting period opens (all categories)

May 22, 2017: Winners chosen

May 23, 2017: Awards presented

The nomination forms and voting portals will be hosted on the official conference website. Winners will be selected by both the recommendations of the Experts Evaluation Committee along with online votes (accounting for 20% of total score).


Competition Organization:

Guiding Organizations: Chinese Association for Science and Technology, National Energy Administration 

Hosting Organization: China Energy Research Society

Undertaking Organization: China Energy Research Society Energy Storage Committee/China Energy Storage Alliance

Supporting Organizations: Global Energy Storage Alliance, California Energy Storage Alliance, Zhongguancun Advisory Board, Beijing Haidian Science Park, Tsinghua University Department of Electricity Systems, China Academy of Sciences Institute for Thermal Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences Physics Research Institute, China Academy of Sciences Dalian Physical Chemistry Research Institute, China Electric Power Research Institute Department of Electrical Engineering and New Materials, Tsinghua University Energy Internet Innovation Research Institute, ENF Nengrongwang

Advisory Committee: Shi Dinghuan, Yi Baolian, Wu Zongxin, Yang Yusheng, Chen Liquan, Zhou Xiaoxin, Cheng Shijie, Yu Zhenhua (chair)

Experts Evaluation Committee: Chen Haisheng, Lai Xiaokang, Xia Qing, Zhang Huamin, Li Hong, Hu Xuehao, Jiang Liping, Wang Zhiming, Yue Jianhua, Guo Jiabao, Wang Zidong, Wen Zhaoyin, Yi Jin, Janice Lin, Mou Liufeng, Zhao Bo, Li Junfeng, Gao Feng.