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Puneng Energy’s Vanadium Flow Battery Demonstration Project in Zaoyang, Hubei

The program is planned for a total scale of 10MW/40MWh, with a first phase scaled at 3MW/12MWh.  The project is planned to begin installation in November 2017. The first phase is planned for completion in early 2018.  Upon completion, the project is set to be the largest capacity flow battery system in China.  Puneng Energy and Hubei Pingfan plan to utilize local vanadium resources in construction of the project to develop the local vanadium battery industry to meet future energy storage needs.

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Guoxuan High-Tech Power and Shanghai Electric Become Energy Storage Strategic Partners

In November 2017, Shanghai Electric Group and Guoxuan High-Tech Power met in Nanjing to sign an investment agreement for the creation of an energy storage project base.  The project will cost 3 billion Yuan and make use of Shanghai Electric’s resource advantages in the electric sector, widening distributed energy storage and grid energy storage operations. The project will also make use of Guoxuan High-Tech Power’s battery storage technology, together creating an energy storage base that will help move energy storage technology towards the international market.

The project’s scope of operations will include microgrid energy storage, peak-shifting and frequency regulation, high-reliability back-up power, specialized vehicle power sources, construction machinery power sources, mobile power charging services, and more.

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Shanxi Energy Regulatory Office Issues “Notice on Encouraging Electric Energy Storage in Peak-Shifting and Frequency Regulation for Ancillary Services in Shanxi Province”

The notice states that electricity producers, customers, sellers, and energy storage providers all may participate in ancillary services, though grid enterprises may not, for the time being, directly or indirectly invest in the construction of energy storage installations.

The above ancillary services include peak-shifting and frequency regulation. Energy storage installations independently participating in peak-shifting should have a power rating of above 10MW (with no limits at present on combined peak-shifting capacity), with power rating for a continuous charging time of 4 or more hours.  Energy storage installations independently participating in frequency regulation should have a power rating of 15MW or more, and a continuous charge-discharge time of 15 minutes or more. A single combined frequency regulation project should have a capacity of 3%, or 9MW and above, with a continuous charge-discharge time of 15 minutes or more.

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Sacred Sun Power’s 1.2MWh Energy Storage Project at the Liyuan Economic Development Zone in Wuxi

November 7th, 2017, Sacred Sun Power’s 1.2MWh energy storage project at the Liyuan Economic Development Zone in Wuxi was successfully put into operation.  Both Sacred Sun and Boer Liyuan New Energy have cooperated to contribute funds to the project.  The project will mainly focus on helping the economic park utilize peak shaving methods and prepare emergency backup power supplies.

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