Innovation Competition Winners Announced

This year, CNESA in collaboration with the China Association for Science and Technology, National Energy Administration, and China Energy Research Society kicked off the first annual energy storage Innovation Competition to recognize outstanding storage projects, technologies, and individuals for their contributions to the industry. The evaluations committee comprised of experts from Tsinghua University, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and North China Electric Power University selected finalists from an open nominations process taking place from December 2016 to March 2017. Finalists chosen in each category were entered into an online voting platform via the Chinese messaging service, WeChat, where public votes accounting for a portion of the final score, the remaining portion of the score coming from the evaluation committee’s final deliberations in May of 2017.  

On May 23, 2017, the winners were announced during the opening ceremony of the 6th Annual Energy Storage International Conference & Expo. CNESA offers congratulations to the entries listed below and a heartfelt thanks to all who participated in this year’s competition.

Applications Prize - Top 10

Company Name Project Name
Guangdong Power Grid Model Demonstration Multi-Purpose Energy Storage Systems and Internet Operations
Sacred Sun Sacred Sun Nima Storage Project
Dalian Constant Current Energy Storage Co., Ltd. Dalian Flow Battery Peak Shifting National Demonstration Project
ABB Hokkaido Island Project (Japan)
Shenzhen Advanced Clean Power Technology Research Co., Ltd. Relzow 100/200MWh Li-ion Battery Project (Germany)
Pride Power Mobile EV Charging Station System
State Grid EV Service Co., Ltd. Highway Service Station “Solar + Store + Charging” Demonstration Project
Huaneng Clean Energy Research Institute Co., Ltd. DC PV + Storage System Develop and Coordinated Operations Research
Jinhe Energy Altay, Xinjiang Wind Clean Energy District Heating Model Demonstration
Narada Power Xuzhou Silicon Industries Peak Shifting Storage Station

Technology Prize - Top 10 

Company Name Technology Name
Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Thermal Physics Advanced Compressed Air Energy Storage System
Tsinghua University-Affiliated Petroleum Resources and Engineering Co., Ltd. 1MW/60MJ Flywheel Storage System
Ningbo New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Supercapacitors for City-Wide Public Transportation Applications
Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Institute of Ceramics High energy density Li-ion battery ceramic-based ion conducting electrolyte
Shuangdeng Group Super Carbon Battery
SPS-Cap New High Energy Density Supercapacitor Applications in Rail-Based Vehicle Energy Storage
Soaring Energy Black Start Key Technology and Applications
Jiangsu Smart Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd. Molten Salt Thermal Storage in Thermal Power Plant Applications
C&D Technologies Novel Lead-Carbon Battery Technolgoy
Nova Greentech, Inc. Restructurable Battery Network and Software Defined Battery Control and Management System

Leadership Prize

陈海生 Chen Haisheng Vice-Director, China Academy of Sciences Institute of Thermal Physics/ Chair, China Energy Research Society Energy Storage Committee

张华民 Zhang Huamin Head Scientist, Chinese Academy of Sciences Dalian Physical Chemistry Research Institute

王仕城 Wang Shicheng Chairman, Beijing Soaring Electronics Co., Ltd.,

陈博 Chen Bo General Manager, Narada Electric

魏银仓 Wei Yincang Chairman, Yinlong Energy

Innovation Grand Prize 

Company Name Project Name
Sacred Sun Sacred Sun Nima Storage Project

Lifetime Contribution Prize

杨裕生 Yang Yusheng Scholar, Chinese Academy of Engineering