Hefei Offers Solar-plus-storage Systems 1 RMB/kWh Charging Subsidy; 1 Million RMB Available Per Year for Each Project

On Sept. 7th, the Hefei city government passed the Suggestions for Promoting the Development of Solar PV Industry policy.  The policy hopes to encourage an innovative, intelligent, and service-oriented solar industry.  To stimulate production and sales within the industry, the policy provides a one-time subsidy of 300,000 RMB to companies whose sales of solar cells, energy storage batteries, inverters, modules, glass panels, and other such solar and/or storage system components have exceeded 100 million RMB since January 1st of this year. For each additional 10 million RMB in sales, an additional 12,000 RMB will be provided.  A limit of 5,000,000 RMB is available per company per year.

For solar-plus-storage projects put into operation after the release of this policy, the use of modules, energy storage batteries, and inverters that are officially recommended by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, or included in the Hefei Recommended Solar PV Products List will receive an energy storage charging subsidy of 1 RMB/kWh, with a limit of 1 million RMB per project per year.

Renewable Microgrid Demonstration Project in Erlianhaote City, Inner Mongolia Will Include 30MW of Storage

Renewable energy continues to increase in Erlianhaote city.  As of August 2018, operational wind and solar power in the city totaled 35.9MW.  From January to August 2018, Erlianhaote produced 506,000 MWh of renewable energy, an increase of 4.2% from the previous year.

In September of 2015, the National Energy Administration announced plans to begin construction of a renewable microgrid project in Erlianhaote.  The microgrid project extends across Erlianhaote and five of its surrounding banners (counties) in Xilingol league.  The project consists of 7 microgrid clusters at a total capacity of 2,535 MW.  The Erlianhaote portion of the microgrid totals 420 MW of combined renewable energy installations (280MW of wind power, 90MW of solar PV, and 50MW of solar thermal) and 30MW of energy storage.

At present, construction has already begun on 90MW of solar PV generation.  In addition, preliminary work has completed on 280 MW of wind generation, with construction set to begin before the end of the year.  Preliminary work has also begun on the solar thermal and energy storage portions of the project.

Vision Group and Dian-E Sign Strategic Partnership Agreement for Energy Storage Battery Sales and Rentals

On September 5, Shenzhen based companies Vision Group and Dian-E signed a strategic partnership for the sale and/or rental of batteries for energy storage.  Under the terms of the agreement, Dian-E promises to give priority to Vision Group as its supplier of batteries for purchase and/or rental.  Dian-E and its related companies agree to the purchase of no less than 430 million RMB worth (including tax) of Vision Group battery products over the course of the three-year agreement.

Vision Group established began its energy storage ventures in 2015.  The company’s lead-carbon and Li-ion battery products have seen widespread use in energy storage and microgrid applications, while its fuel cell products have seen use in the international telecom industry.

Bidding Begins for 120MWh Energy Storage Power Station Project in Changsha

Calls for bidding have begun for the first stage of the Changsha battery demonstration project.  The first stage of the project calls for construction of 60MW/120MWh of capacity spread across three different sites.  These sites include the Furong district substation (26MW/52MWh), Langli substation (24MW/48MWh), and Yannong substation (10MW/20MWh).  A total of 409,570,000 RMB has been invested in the first stage of the project.  The current bidding calls for 96,320,000 RMB worth of battery systems (including the battery itself, BMS, container, and other components).