Hefei Offers Solar-plus-storage Systems 1 RMB/kWh Charging Subsidy; 1 Million RMB Available Per Year for Each Project

On Sept. 7th, the Hefei city government passed the Suggestions for Promoting the Development of Solar PV Industry policy.  The policy hopes to encourage an innovative, intelligent, and service-oriented solar industry.  To stimulate production and sales within the industry, the policy provides a one-time subsidy of 300,000 RMB to companies whose sales of solar cells, energy storage batteries, inverters, modules, glass panels, and other such solar and/or storage system components have exceeded 100 million RMB since January 1st of this year. For each additional 10 million RMB in sales, an additional 12,000 RMB will be provided.  A limit of 5,000,000 RMB is available per company per year.

For solar-plus-storage projects put into operation after the release of this policy, the use of modules, energy storage batteries, and inverters that are officially recommended by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, or included in the Hefei Recommended Solar PV Products List will receive an energy storage charging subsidy of 1 RMB/kWh, with a limit of 1 million RMB per project per year.