Guizhou Province Development and Reform Commission Releases Guidelines for Innovation and Improvement in Green Development

In January 2019, the Guizhou Development and Reform Commission released Guizhou Development and Reform Commission Suggestions for the Implementation of Greater Innovation and Improvement of Green Energy Price Mechanisms (贵州省发展和改革委员会关于创新和完善促进绿色发展价格机制的实施意见). The goal of the guidelines is to develop a price mechanism and price policy system by 2020 that will benefit green, low carbon development and the conservation of resources.  By 2025, the price mechanism should be nearly fully completed and implemented over the entire province.  Some of the main goals of the suggestions include: 1) innovation and development in policies related to water treatment payments; 2) the creation of a payment mechanism for treatment of solid waste; 3) the creation of a price mechanism for the benefit of water conservation; 4) innovation and development of electricity price mechanisms that are environmentally friendly and conservation-minded.